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Where it’s about the coffee every hour of every day. Our mission is to purchase, preserve, and prepare coffee in a way that venerates the producer, inspires the drinker, and elevates expectations. Mastering the details that make a good cup of coffee great, it is our calling to ensure that what ends up in your mug makes your life great.


Muglife Coffee offers small-batch roasted single origin and direct trade coffees from around the world. Our brewed coffees are all done so by hand, the espresso is weighed and measured at every step, and our nitro cold brews are always flowing. Enjoy a purposefully crafted beverage alongside a pastry fresh from Culprit Cafe & Bakery and Blue Dot Confections- we carry a selection of soft pretzels with sauces, savory scones, flavorful cake doughnuts, and artisanal marshmallow bars.


Muglife sources all our coffees through Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders. Through this partnership, we are able to know exactly where our coffees are coming from, and what makes them special. When it comes to roasting, preparing, and serving our coffees, we honestly try to do as little as possible! The magic is already in the coffee, and it’s up to us as ambassadors for this industry to keep each farmers’ work intact.

Whether it’s a pour over or cappuccino that you fancy, we are constantly tasting, inspecting, course correcting, and celebrating each component of these drinks. If we wouldn’t drink it, we won’t serve it. So grab a mug and join us!